Friday, 20 May 2011

May 19th 2011

Something of significance is happening to my ME/CFS during this first week of Part Two of my research.

The ME/CFS is definitely dying and whilst this process happens the pain 'kick' I'm getting from it's determination not to leave my body is only making me stronger. I will not give in!

Pre this experiment I conducted many screens and tests all of which I shall share with you in time. However, due to the pain I experiencing I have asked a colleague to re-screen my intrinsic biomechanics. My colleague is completely blind to this experiment, in other words he has no idea about this experiment I am conducting.
The re-screen has shown my nerves have failed all the tests, in comparison to screens taken 4 weeks ago, they have increased into a worsened state by 75%. It is like each nerve root has become heightened to something and has therefore bound themselves down.
The consequences of this gives me limited range of movement and continuous discomfort. I have no position that lends itself to relieve my pain, nor any treatment that is subjective to improvement of my situation.

Nerve mobilisation... I wonder?
Watch this space.

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