Monday, 2 May 2011

April 30th 2011

I lay in bed last night trying to focus on relaxing and not on the worry of what tomorrow brings.
For 6 days I have been on a strong dose of antibiotics, this is a desparate bid to rid my body of an infection. To me, my body, my beliefs... this is all wrong. However there no natural alternative that would have the power to break this infection.
Since a child, usually with a chest or throat infection, antibiotics have been prescribed to me on average twice per year.
As soon as the first tablet is administered it feels like poison running through my veins... Is it the ME/CFS that has me so alert and sensitive to my body? Or is it just fact... Antibiotics=poison?
I feel sick, my body hurts, my glands swell and i become irritated and restless worrying about where the next 'pain' will come from....

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