Sunday, 12 June 2011

12th June 2011

I'm hating phase two!
The 'tinctures' are disgusting and the timing is lousy, life could not be harder for me right now.
Our family member remains poorly, my work schedule has become hectic and every weekend will be taken up with weddings... 11 this year.
My partner is amazed how well I have been coping with such stresses, upon reflection so am I.

Latest development has appeared under the skin on my hands and feet, a similar appearance to stinging nettle rash. Any body any ideas?

Any advice would be much appreciated, my GP tells me "it's because your nearly 40 years old and you've never been nearly 40 years old, so what do you expect?" how rude. GP's get a grip and start to look outside the book of GP practice!!!!!!

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